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Facebook connect

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Now you can integrate Facebook Connect into your existing site with ASPRunner.NET. Facebook Connect is a set of APIs from Facebook that provides a simple way for people to sign in to Facebook-linked web sites, applications and mobile devices using their Facebook ID (Login  with Facebook option). In addition to simplifying the registration process, Facebook Connect allows you to extend some social networking features onto your sites, thus making it easier to share content through Facebook.

How to configure Facebook Connect?

1. Register your website at You create new Facebook application and configure it to point to your existing site's root URL.

Then you can see your application settings (Facebook App ID and Secret ID) at


2. On the Security page enable Add login with Facebook check box and enter your Facebook App ID and Secret ID.


Now you can see Login with Facebook button on the login page of your application.


If you are interested in additional integration capabilities check the article at

If you have enabled Dynamic permissions, Facebook users will be assigned the rights of Default group: Facebook users -> Default users.